3W Clinic / Pure Clean Scrub Foam Cleansing - 180ml

[Collagen] Soft and fresh collagen-based cleanser controls the balance of sebum and makes clean and transparent skin.Vitamin scrub removes the...

AED 35 AED 30


A'PIEU / All Clean Lip&Eye Remover - 160ml

Double formulated lip & eye remover.Easily and instantly dissolves all traces of make-up for a soothing and moisturizing effect on...

AED 50 AED 43


A'PIEU / Aqua Peeling Cotton Swab - 3ml

Dead skin cells that can be soften removed to cotton 100% king swab How to use After wash your face,...

AED 10 AED 9


A'PIEU / Black Head Out Nose Patch

Blackhead removal patch, that is designed to be used on nose area.Made from charcoal, it helps you remove blackheads on...



April Skin / Mummy Mud - 1pack (5 pieces)

1.Clean Sebum & Dead cells at a time The Hawaiian clay's adsorptive power removes your body wastes and sebum easily.2.Brighten...

AED 141 AED 120


Banila Co. / Prime Primer Classic - 30ml

Helps cover uneven skin texture like pores & wrinkles Creates an ideal skin condition for makeup Prevents shine to maintain...

AED 164 AED 139


CLIO / Pro Play Brow Dual Brush 305

Dual sided brush and screw brow brush for creating precise, natural looking brows. How to use Comb through lashes before...

AED 64 AED 54


COSRX Pore Control Cleansing Brush

Micro-sized hairs removes wastes inside pores.Mild cleansing, Convenient grip. How to use Correct application methodYou also can use this on...

AED 146 AED 124


Etude House / Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk Case

Lips-talk case offers lipstick colors that perfectly match your desired case design! How to use Use the lipstick to place...

AED 26 AED 22


Etude House / My Beauty Tool Double Eyelid Glue - 5g

Double Eyelid Glue for making a natural double eyelid.This makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. How to use 1.Remove...

AED 21 AED 18


Etude House / My Beauty Tool Soft Cream Puff - 1ea

Excellent quality puff for your skin health. All around high quality NBR puff that you can use with B.B cream,...

AED 49 AED 42

Body & Hair

Etude House / Silk Scarf Damage Protein Steam Hair Pack

Warm Steam Hair Pack gives moisture & nutrition.Recommend to Who have damaged hair.Warm heat and steam helps to deliver nutrition...

AED 25 AED 21