A'PIEU 3 Step Silky Hands Maker - x1 Sheet

Scrub, nail sheet pack, hand cream 3-step rough rich nutrition silky care. How to use On dry hands use scrub,...

AED 13 AED 12


A'PIEU Aqua Peeling Cotton Swab

Dead skin cells that can be soften removed to cotton 100% king swab. How to use After wash your face, apply...

AED 11 AED 10


A'PIEU Black Head Out Nose Patch - x1 Patch

Blackhead removal patch, that is designed to be used on nose area.Made from charcoal, it helps you remove blackheads on...



A'PIEU Silicone Mask Cover - x1 Sheet

Mask cover prevents essence evaporate giving active ingredidents absorption. How to use Place regular mask and mask cover on top....

AED 17 AED 16


Activated Charcoal Powder

It's finally here in the UAE! 100% authentic Activated Charcoal - made from organic Coconut Shells or from Bamboo.  Derived...

AED 21 from AED 20


Banila Co Prime Primer Classic

It almost magically makes pores look smaller. Quickly absorbs into skin, and provides medium‘_to full coverage. How to use Apply...

AED 128 AED 122


BANILA CO. It Radiant Lace Hydrogel Mask Sheet - x1 Sheet

Lifting mask with lotus and collagen for elastic skin care. (#Lifting)Lace pattern hydro gel mask to brighten skin with plum...

AED 37 AED 35


Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack

A groundbreaking item with inconvenience of previous lip makeup product improved. No smudge and No need to keep applying. How...

AED 50 AED 48


BRTC Vitamin A Velvet Mask (5ea)

Improve skin elasticity providing glowing skin.  Provides silky 20's youthful skin. revent skin damage giving vital glowing skin.100% natural cellulose...

AED 150 AED 142


CLIO Handy Tweezer

Precise shaped edge helps remove hair even shirt and fine hair.Rubber grip zone prevents slipping and helps remove hair easily....

AED 14 AED 13


CLIO Pro Play Brow Dual Brush 305

Dual sided brush and screw brow brush for creating precise, natural looking brows. How to use Comb through lashes before...

AED 57 AED 54


COSRX Pore Control Cleansing Brush

Micro-sized hairs removes wastes inside pores.Mild cleansing, Convenient grip. How to use Correct application methodYou also can use this on...

AED 146 AED 139