BANILA CO. It Radiant Lace Hydrogel Mask Sheet - x1 Sheet

Banila Co

AED 37
AED 37
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Lifting mask with lotus and collagen for elastic skin care. (#Lifting)
Lace pattern hydro gel mask to brighten skin with plum and arbutin. (#Illuminating)
Nourishing mask with chamomile and propolis giving nutrition on the skin. (#Nourishing)
Lace pattern hydro gel mask to moisture skin with lily and hyaluronate acid. (#Moisturizing)
Late pattern hydro gel mask to sooth skin with edelweiss and aloe ingredient. (#Calming)
High fit on skin providing nutrition deep into dehydrated skin for moisture soothing effect.
10 kinds of white flower complex provides bright and silky skin care.

How to use

1.After face wash use toner.
2.Remove mask film and place clear film removed side on the skin.
3.After 20~40 minutes, remove mask and tap gently the excess amount of essence to absorb.

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