TonyMoly Skin Clinic 3 Step Micro Peel - Heel Patch Kit


AED 33
AED 33
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Simple, perfect skin care for your heels from start to finish! Softening, peeling, brightening, nutrition, sedation! 3-step kit for home care. It restores softness and moisturizes dry, rough skin of heels, prevents the appearance of cracks and corns, restores elasticity and skin health. Rice bran, consisting of fine particles, gently removes dead skin cells, making the skin smoother.

How to use

1. Thoroughly wash the feet rubbing the heel area with the Cleanser, massaging the feet. 2. Dry the feet completely, and attach the Patches according to your heels' shape. Remove the patches after 30 minutes. 3. Apply the Cream onto the heels and massage. 

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